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Taylor Family of Baldwin County Alabama and South Carolina Research

One of my current research projects is the ancestry of the Taylor Family of Bay Minette Alabama. I am hoping descendants of the ancestors of Thomas Taylor who was born 6 OCT 1824 • South Carolina died 9 MAR 1909 • Bay Minette, Baldwin, Alabama will work with me to verify his ancestry. There are a number of questions we are working on.

Who was Thomas Taylor’s father?

The census data from the 1850 and 1860 census certainly provides us with some clues about Thomas Taylor’s father but does not provide a clear answer. My focus is between Henry and Martin. An examination of Henry Taylor’s Baldwin County Alabama probate file I believe proves that Henry Taylor is not Thomas Taylor’s (1824-1909) father as Thomas is not a named son in Henry’s will. Thomas is a witness to the will and it would make sense that Thomas might be involved as a nephew and help with his Uncles estate. As has been pointed out Martin and Thomas do show up in the same household in the 1860 census. Henry who is deceased by the 1860 census has remaining family living in a separate household from Thomas and Martin nearby.

I agree with those who are leaning towards Martin Taylor being Thomas’s father. One of our immediate goals is to learn more about Martin Taylor. Who was his wife and did he have other children

Learning more about John Taylor.

The next generation also has open questions others might be able to help with. There are indications that John Taylor born North Carolina 1768 +/- 2 is both Martin and Henry’s Father as well as the father of Simeon Peyton Taylor, Aaron Taylor and Hiram Taylor. The 1850 census shows John Taylor with his possible wife Margaret. Many trees at Ancestry show this John Taylor’s wife as Mary Margaret Smith and show John as son of James Gibson Taylor son of George Taylor. I know genealogy should not be based on my hunches and conjecture but as we go back the evidence gets harder to find and I have this feeling that our John Taylor may have a different father than James Gibson Taylor.

John Taylor is a very common name and many other family researchers have connected our John Taylor to Mary Margaret Smith. The 1850 census records are using Margaret as Johns wife’s name, while it is common to use a middle names I believe the possibility exists that this is a different John Taylor and different Margaret possibly not Smith. Again I have no facts on this just something I am exploring.

Who is John Taylor’s Father?

The next ancestor to be found and proved is who is John Taylor’s father? There are dozens of family trees showing our John Taylor as the son of James Gibson Taylor son of George Taylor and Rachel Gibson. The issue is I don’t see a John Taylor born in North Carolina fitting with this James Taylor who was in Virginia and then moved to Kentucky. Again I am not saying necessarily all those other trees are wrong but I think we need to take another look. At least one narrative of James Gibson Taylors family makes no mention of John Taylor married to Mary Margaret Smith. Those same narratives do make mention of other branches of George Taylors family moving to North Carolina and I suspect that our John Taylor may descend from them or even one of George’s fathers sons. George Taylor and his sons are said to have fought in the American Revolution and there are several applications for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American revolution. I will be spending some time pouring over those. .

I have many matches with descendants of George Taylor’s ancestors and I have a cluster of matches on the same segment of chromosome 1 that share ancestry with John Taylor born 1607 from Carlisle England. There is plenty of DNA evidence that I descend from the early 1600’s Carlisle England Taylor family it’s a matter of fitting the pieces of the puzzle between John Taylor 1607 and John Taylor 1723

Many of the Baldwin County Alabama and South Lexington South Carolina Taylor family’s descendants have become active participants in Ancestry DNA and I think if we can get some of those testers to work together we could get this figured out. The paper trail is full of challenges behind Thomas Taylor but DNA analysis might allow us to find some triangulated groups. To those not familiar triangulated groups they identify specific shared segments which can then be used to prove family lines. As Ancestry DNA does not provide segment information it requires we determine that information from places like or Family tree DNA by uploading our data there.

I am a genetic descendant Thomas Taylor and Eugenia Cain and I have AncestryDNA Matches with descendants of the following descendants of Thomas Taylor : , Hiram Columbus Taylor, Josephine Margaret Taylor, Thomas Walker Taylor and Laura E Taylor.

I also have Ancestry DNA Matches with descendants of John Taylor 1768-1854 the one I believe listed next door to Henry and Martin in the 1850 Baldwin County Census. Those include DNA matches with descendants of Simeon Peyton Taylor and Hiram Taylor. I would like to encourage anyone from this family with an ancestry DNA test to upload their results to so we can compare segments. Ultimately it would be ideal if we could do some triangulation analysis over at Gedmatch and if we could find some known descendants who have tested of Martin and Henry perhaps we could prove Thomas Taylor’s father. We are back enough generations that only some of the cousins will match each other but those who do could be a huge help.

Anyone from these Taylor lines who have tested interested in collaborating I hope you will message me or email me at . If you have not tested yet and are interested in what using DNA in genealogy is about I am happy to talk with you by email or phone.

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