Welcome genetic relatives and fellow genetic genealogy researchers.    The goal of this site is to provide information to my genetic relatives and DNA matches so we can  help each other with our genealogy  needs  . I am friendly and have really enjoyed meeting new cousins along the way.

I have so much gratitude for everyone’s help  and feel so blessed,  Thank you one and all.



I was adopted as an infant by an amazing family who I love more than words can describe.  Some adoptees no matter how much they love their parents experience what is known as “genealogical bewilderment. ” This desire to know the who and why we are who we are doesn’t affect everyone who is adopted but I have been deeply affected by this need to know my genetic history. As a child  I would look in the mirror wondering why I had the traits I had, why was my sense of who I was so different.   Like August Rush the character in the movie I have been driven  to find the answers of the story of me. In addition to understanding my identity  my family medical history is becoming increasingly important. My new found genetic family can help with that as well.

My genetic genealogy journey started in June of 2007 with a Y-DNA test through Family Tree DNA and continued with autosomal testing at 23andme, Family Tree DNA and AncestryDNA.  I was also fortunate to be able to attend  a rewarding  genetic genealogy conference in Washington DC the summer of 2014 and had the benefit of valuable resources like gedmatch.com, DNAGedcom, Genome Mate and DNAadoption.

In the end genetic genealogy enabled me to find my birth family with nothing more than some saliva from my mouth and a lot of help from  like minded genetic cousins and friends.

That is very cool.


Now that I know who I am it is my turn to help others, I am happy to help  genetic cousins who match me or the genetic genealogy kits I manage on  GEDMatch.com, 23andme,Family Tree DNA, or Ancestry.com  Simply email me with information about your connection, gedmatch kit etc at  mark@capeflier.com


Other Genetic Genealogy Kits I manage: I manage several  genetic genealogy  projects for  others some of which may not have recent genetic connections with me.  Please be sure to include which kit you match as well as any information that might help us identify your common ancestor.


A word about passwords To protect family privacy a  password is required for certain sections of our site . The genealogy, pictures file and document archives each have their own distinct password as they are of interest to different people.  Please email me with your connection to the family or the genetic match information you are researching  and the section(s)  you would like  the password for. Passwords are freely available to anyone with a connection to the family so feel free to email me. Thank you for participating in bringing our history alive.